Inflatable theme park

A new family-friendly inflatable theme park is springing-up on Tyneside this week, promising bouncy fun for thrill seekers.

Incredibly, the 20,000 sq ft ‘InflataNation’ centre at Royal Quays Outlet Centre, North Shields, will itself be housed inside an inflatable building!

Due to open to the public on Saturday 13 April, there is enough wacky, springy fun in this inflatable theme park to keep the whole family entertained.

A Giant Catapult Slide makes sliding even more fun by catapulting users off the end and into the air, firing them to land on a giant crash mat below.

There’s also something called the Death drop slide, which we are told is pretty steep so it sounds like it won’t be for the fainthearted.

There’s also multi lane slides that you can race down against friends and bouncy bubbles area to keep you bouncing on and on.

You can enjoy a race around the inflatable obstacle course, try to keep your balance whilst leaping from one huge wipe-out ball to the next and take on the mighty challenge of the gladiator podium without being the first to fall off!

And if that wasn’t exhausting enough you can test your strength and agility with the inflatable wrecking ball.

There really is something for everyone, even the smallest of bouncers (under 4s) can enjoy their very own dedicated Inflata Tots area with a slide and ball pool to entertain them.

Inflata Nation founders Michelle and Matt Ball say the new inflatable theme park will be open to the general public on Saturday:

“We love to see people of all ages having great fun and enjoying themselves in our centres, and we get tremendous satisfaction opening in new locations.

“We can’t wait to throw open the doors to our North Shields venue, and we look forward to welcoming everyone, whether you’re three or 93!”

In addition to the bounce sessions, visitors will be able to participate and book a place at the Inflata Nation classes, which include; grown – up only classes, disability friendly classes and pre-schooler sessions.

Onsite Café Nation will also offer up a homemade selection of hot and cold food, snacks, drinks and treats.

And with free Wi-Fi, if you don’t feel like being a big kid yourself, you can watch your children run wild whilst you put your feet up and relax. Aaaaaah bliss.



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