THOUSANDS of homes across the North East are enjoying warmer homes thanks to Warm Up North, a landmark initiative being delivered by British Gas in partnership with nine local authorities.

Warm Up North has delivered £4.9m worth of energy saving measures across 3,690 homes since its launch in 2013.

Warm Up North tackles fuel poverty in the North East by helping to lower energy bills and make it more affordable for residents to keep warm.

Local residents can benefit from a range of energy efficiency measures, including free A-rated gas boilers, subject to eligibility and survey, as well as cavity wall and loft insulation as part of the Warm Up North programme.

In addition to the cost and energy savings for residents, the programme has created annual carbon savings of nearly 15,000 (14,961.61) tonnes of carbon. To put this into perspective, one tonne of CO2 weighs as much as 10 baby elephants!

Although thousands of residents have already benefitted from new gas boilers and insulation, Warm Up North is urging residents in the North East who haven’t taken part in the scheme to get in touch to find out if they are eligible for help.

£5m Investment Helps Warm The North East I Love Newcastle

Graeme Stephenson, lead partnership development manager at Warm Up North, said: “Warm Up North has helped thousands of households including homes in Northumberland, Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham, to become more energy efficient.

“As the weather gets increasingly cold, many local residents will be thinking about the costs of heating their homes and I’d urge them to give us a call to find out if they could join the thousands of people who are already benefitting from our Warm Up North programme.”

For more information about this range of energy efficiency measures, including free A-rated gas boilers for eligible residents with an inefficient boiler, subject to eligibility and survey, and cavity wall and loft insulation, contact Warm Up North on Freephone 0800 316 4320 for the gas boiler offer or Freephone 0800 294 8073 for all other energy efficiency measures. Alternatively, please visit:

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