TV presenter Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall alongside BBC Newcastle presenters Alfie Joey, Anna Foster and Lisa Shaw in the BBC Newcastle studios

BBC Newcastle’s breakfast presenters Alfie Joey and Anna Foster and the mid-morning presenter Lisa Shaw have committed to joining Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s ground-breaking social experiment Newcastle Can.

Hugh visited the BBC Newcastle studios earlier today to personally thank the presenters for signing up and provide them with some advice and tips about healthy eating and exercise to help them on the first leg of their journey to help the city of Newcastle lose 100,000lbs in weight.

Hugh also gave an update on how the Newcastle Can campaign is going so far and was delighted to announce that over 1000 people have already signed-up in less than three weeks. He will be checking in with the three BBC Newcastle presenters over the course of the year to see how they are progressing with the challenge.

BBC Newcastle breakfast presenter Anna Foster said: “Hugh has advised me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but being up so early in the morning, I find it hard to think about eating a healthy breakfast so I am determined to make that change to help Newcastle Can.”

Her co-presenter Alfie Joey added: “Myself and Anna are always very competitive on the breakfast show so no doubt we will be trying to outdo each other about who can bring the healthiest breakfast into the studio!

Lisa Shaw said: “100,000lbs is a massive amount of weight for the city of Newcastle to commit to losing.  I’m determined to do my bit but I hope that some of the BBC Newcastle listeners will join me as I will need their support!”

Hugh unveiled his Newcastle Can challenge in January when he challenged the people of Newcastle to lose a staggering 100,000lbs in a year. Alfie, Anna and Lisa will join over 1000 people who live and work in the city of Newcastle who have already signed up.

The ‘Newcastle Can’ challenge is being filmed for the BBC and The Open University by Keo Films

You can find out more about Newcastle Can at
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