How to make the most of Fresher’s week

How to make the most of Fresher's week I Love Newcastle
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So you’ve arrived in our beautiful city to study for your degree.  Welcome pet you are about to have the most fun filled few years and we’ve got you covered on all fronts….except studying you’re on your own with that one.

Freshers week will most likely be one of the greatest weeks of your University experience and rightly so.

Kicking off on September 23 we suggest you forget any thoughts of study for the time being, you have already got yourself a wrist band (if not get one) then all there is to worry yourself with is which of these takes your fancy.

There is such a wide range of both daytime and evening activities to participate in we’ve picked some of our favourites from the student unions list to give you an idea what you can expect.

Daytime Events

Angel of the North

One of the most talked about pieces of public art ever produced The Angel of the North was created by Antony Gormley and has been a focal point of Geordie life since 1998.

Getting up close and personal will help you understand the beauty of this 200 tonne master piece with a wingspan of 54 metres.

Battle Archery

New on the scene this fun game could be just what you are looking for – firing rubber arrows at opposing players or go up against your friends to see who has the superior skills.

This activity is sure to bring out the competitive nature in both you and your friends and hopefully even bring new friend into your life.

Normal Archery is also available for those who prefer a more traditional activity.

InflataSpace Theme Park

The brainchild of the Fun Shack Group InflataSpace arrived in Newcastle earlier in the year and is the largest permanent indoor inflatable theme park in the UK and the first in the North East.

Everything from an obstacle course, ‘hungy hippos’ mini game, battle beams, warp speed slides and more!

Victoria Tunnel Tour

For those who want to check out the cultural side of this great city the toon boats a brilliant cultural history, with the Victoria Tunnel included as an architectural marvel. Dating back to the 19th century, your tour guide will show you what makes the underground of Newcastle so impressive.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Eldon Leisure is Newcastle’s biggest leisure complex and hosts a huge range of themed walls ready for you to test out your climbing skills.

Whilst your there why not have a go at clambering through the artificial caves with one of their bouldering sessions

Revolution De Cuba Cuba Tapas  

A new establishment that has opened this year, this Cuban-themed bar has a brilliant range of Tapas, which you can try for free! If you’ve never had tapas before, it’s a great unique taste of the world. And if you have had it before, you’ll agree with us

Mud Buggying and Quad Biking 

So you’ve probably tried Go Karting before. But have you done it outdoors across muddy fields? If not, then you are bound to have a brilliant time in the mud buggies. Then, in the same session, you’ll get to ride around on the 150cc quad bikes, with some healthy competition to liven it all up too

Evening Activities

Sunday – Oblivion 

Starting the week as you mean to go on.  From 6pm, our street food village will offer cuisine from around the world, with Sigala and CliQ as the main headliners. The official after party opens up an entire floor of the Students Union and also the longest student bar in the UK, run by Capital FM. The best part about all of this? It’s all included in the Official Freshers’ Week Wristband, and is just the beginning…

Monday – Limitless

This will be your night on paper. With a special guest appearance from a huge name at Tiger Tiger, wristband holders will have exclusive access to the entirety of The Gate and all their bars, clubs and even some restaurants. Including a silent disco, live music from Jerome Price and the chance to try your hand in a casino, let’s see how much you can fit into one night.

Tuesday – Lost Vibes 

Lose yourself to the underground vibe of Newcastle, literally. With 7 bars and clubs to discover, From Bierkeller, a German themed bar, to the live music in Irish Bar Filthy’s, there’s something for everyone on this Newcastle takeover.

Wednesday – Vortex

Welcome to the Vortex, spanning the 2 largest clubs in Newcastle, we’re going to turn how you see the world on its head. Festivals are all about colour, and Vortex is bringing a lot of it to your Freshers Week. Drain your energy into the night while lighting up the sky with glitter and C02 cannons.


By now, you are well and truly a Newcastle student. So to celebrate, we’ve gone all out for our wristband holders by hosting an exclusive outdoor festival. There will be fairground rides for the thrill-seekers, food and drink vendors galore and live music from the chart-topping Sigma.

Make sure you check out the official site for all of the events and activities.  One thing is for sure you won’t be disappointed you came to the Toon!



I Love Newcastle Magazine would love to hear your thoughts about the above post, so please feel free to share them in the comments box below.

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