A new study by spa booking service, SpaSeekers, has revealed that Newcastle is the second most relaxed city during lockdown based on over 35,000 searches for calming outlets such as Yoga, Meditation and at home Spa treatments.

It’s more important than ever that we’re all keeping our mental health in check. As a nation, we’re looking for ways to take a moment to find some calm in what is a very stressful situation, and it looks like we should all take a leaf out of the Geordie’s book to reach the perfect level of chill.

Although the study revealed Newcastle as the second most relaxing city it’s actually the fittest in the UK. Yoga and home workout searches are at their highest in Newcastle with over 1700 searches online, Geordies are searching for tips on how to perfect the downward dog, warrior or chill out in Shavasana and have mastered the at-home workouts using cans of beans.

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