In January 2016, the European Commission carried out a huge survey of how happy people in hundreds of cities across Europe are. The European Commission’s data concluded that Newcastle is the happiest city in the UK, beating the likes of London and Manchester hands down.

The survey, which asked people to rank their satisfaction with everything from sports facilities to public transport, also ranked Newcastle as the 10th happiest city in Europe.

The surveys’ results stated that the people of Newcastle upon Tyne were; 56% very satisfied, 37% satisfied with the life they lead.

You might think that Europe’s biggest, most vibrant metropolises like Paris, Rome, and London are where people enjoy life most, but in general it’s actually smaller, less busy cities, where people are at their happiest.

Newcastle is unique. Whether you live, work, went to university or have visited Newcastle, you’ll know why we’re so happy. There’s so much to love and so much our fair city is famous for.

So… next time it rains or your stuck in traffic, remember that it could be worse, you could live in London 🙂

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