The Victoria Tunnel is a preserved 19th century waggonway under the city from the Town Moor to the Tyne. And it’s made the top-rated tourist attractions in the UK.

To calculate the UK’s 10 top-rated tourist attractions, the rating of each city’s top attraction were analysed to pinpoint the attractions with the highest percentage of 5/5 ratings. The resulting top ten make up an amazing mix of things to do in the UK, encompassing history, culture, adventure, nature and food and drink.

The research used TripAdvisor’s ‘Top Attractions’ data to find the number one ranking attraction across 24 cities in the UK.

City by city, the results highlight the wonderful breath and variety of the nation’s tourist spots, revealing a mix of world-famous attractions and more unexpected places that are clearly a hit with visitors.

Bath’s historic Roman Baths, Edinburgh’s impressive nature spot Arthur’s Seat and a Beatles tour in Liverpool were some of the more well-known attractions that were listed as each city’s ‘Top Attraction’. However you may be surprised to learn that Cambridge’s top attraction wasn’t punting by the university but a wine school that offers tastings, Newcastle’s tourists are clearly enamoured by a 19th century tunnel and it’s a vineyard that is the best rated place in Norwich for visitors.

Museums and galleries are the most common top-rated tourist attraction, with seven cities in the UK having these cultural hubs of their best reviewed place for visitors. Nature, historic and food and drink attractions followed in popularity, with four attractions listed each. Animals, transport, tours, adventure and locations type attractions also featured on the map, with one each.

UK’s 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In The UK

  1. Manchester Three Rivers Gin Experience, gin distillery tours and tastings in Manchester
  2. Holly Hagg Farm, alpaca walking experience in Sheffield
  3. Winbirri Vineyards, family run vineyard in Norwich offering tours and tastings
  4. The Oxford Artisan Distillery, independent distillery in Oxford
  5. Steamship Shieldhall, working steam ship in Southampton
  6. Cambridgeshire Wine School, offers wine lessons in Cambridge
  7. The Gower Peninsula, area of outstanding beauty outside Swansea
  8. The Adrenalin Jungle, outdoor activity centre in Nottingham
  9. The Mary Rose Museum, preserved ship dating back to 1500s in Portsmouth
  10. Victoria Tunnel, 19th century tunnel underneath Newcastle


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