Game on 2.0 at Newcastle’s Centre for Life promised the world’s largest collection of playable computer games and it did not disappoint.

We managed to get a sneak preview of the gaming extravaganza last Friday and WOW…

The evolution of gaming celebrated at Game on 2.0 I Love Newcastle

There was a real buzz about the venue as it filled with Gamers, bloggers and press who had all turned out for the eagerly anticipated preview. Even the staff, who donned Mario costumes, seemed generally chuffed to be a part of this exciting exhibition.

The organisers had kept the event a closely guarded secret, therefore nobody knew what to expect.
After some drinks, nibbles and a few speeches the doors were finally opened which caused a rush of excitement like a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate factory when Mr Wonka opened the factory doors for the first time.

The evolution of gaming celebrated at Game on 2.0 I Love Newcastle

We entered Game On 2.0 – A few thousand square feet of the Centre’s floor space had been dedicated to rows upon rows of Gamer heaven. The walls were adorned with manga and animé pictures along with authentic graphic development prints for some of the most important games of recent times: Pokémon, Spore, Uncharted, World of Warcraft, Tomb Raider and The Sims.

I explored the exhibition, embarking on a real nostalgia trip as I got up close and personal to devices of which I had not seen in decades.

The evolution of gaming celebrated at Game on 2.0 I Love Newcastle

The full, 60 years in the making, gaming evolution was there to be revelled at, to be played with… from 1970s Atari consoles to cutting edge technologies such as virtual reality, 3D technology and thought interface technology.

There was even dedicated arcade games section featuring the likes of Pac-Man, Virtua Fighter 2 and Donkey Kong.

I urge anyone who is curious or indeed passionate about gaming to pay a visit to the event as you won’t be disappointed.

The exhibition will open at the Centre for Life on Saturday, May 23 and continue right through to November 1.

There will be no extra charge to specifically go to Game 2.0. Normal Centre for Life admission fees of Family (1 adult + 3 children or 2 adults + 2 children) – £27.80; Adults – £9.95 and Children – (2 – 17) will apply.


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