AS a general election looms north-east indie band, The Longsands, have decided the time is ripe to release their next single, a comeback after some time in the wilderness.

With political undertones on previous material, most notably with ‘Little Britain’ which was released around the time of the social economy crisis and smoking bans throughout the country, ‘Tomorrow We Vote’ takes us back into that realm.

What happens next though is anyone’s guess and, with their long awaited return signed, sealed and very much delivered it’s safe to say they’ll be around for a while to come.

For vocalists Ian Barnes and Trevor Cox it is a welcome return and it is coincidence that the release of the current single coincides with the upcoming election, but are glad that it has worked out this way.

Tomorrow we vote… I Love Newcastle

“It was written about six months ago and I was still writing it when Trevor and the lads started recording it,” said Ian. “I hope it captures the feeling of young people and the feeling of how this generation feels towards politics, I’ve always been a Labour follower myself and part of the working class region but with the economic downturn people are being affected by the right wing movements.”

Trevor himself likened ‘Tomorrow We Vote’ to tracks off the bands’ debut album, ‘Meet Me in Spanish City’ adding that, in relation to the upcoming election, that “it’s the first time in a long time people actually want to vote but for me, well I’m not 100% sure as to who to vote for.” He added: “I feel that many others are the same and the material that we can get, and use, around this can even be comedy gold.

“We are not looking for world domination, just making and playing good music.”

Tomorrow we vote… I Love Newcastle

“This however is the chance to get some new material out there as it’s been a while since we’ve done anything together. When we started putting this together we felt as though we needed to capitalise on things immediately.”

The band feel that their return is also to reward their longstanding fan base, a one they hope will increase as the year progresses and, with plenty in the pipeline for 2015, hope that those fans understand the reasons they took time out.

“The plan was always to put out a second album but personal circumstances meant that changes needed making,” Ian continued. “We needed to reflect on the important, family things in life and were becoming very conscious of life on the road, the mission. We do fully understand the frustration of our fans but we needed to get back to where we wanted to be and that was enjoying the music and enjoying life again.”

The band will be giving it away as a free download from Wednesday 6 May which anyone can get from here:

You can follow The Longsands on:

Twitter @the_longsands

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