LEGO brick lovers and Geordies are going to clamour for one of the limited edition LEGO brick sets of the world famous Tyne Bridge which are being released just in time for Christmas and can be pre-ordered for release on 8 December 2015. Only 50 will be released for sale pre-Christmas. All the sets will be sold with their own unique authentication certificate.

An ideal Christmas gift, the LEGO brick model Tyne Bridge will keep the owners occupied on Christmas Day and beyond, with over 3000 pieces and a 158-step guide to its construction. The sets come equipped with all the bricks to build the bridge, the towers and a section of the River Tyne below together with vehicles and a cruise lining vessel that bears an uncanny resemblance to the old Tuxedo Princess floating nightclub that was moored on the Tyne for over 20 years.

NE1 Ltd, the business champions of Newcastle city centre, have commissioned the exclusive first run of only 500 limited edition packs of the Mott, Hay and Anderson designed bridge.

This year, 2015, marked the 90th anniversary of work starting on the Tyne Bridge’s construction, a project that took another 3 years to complete and the bridge officially opened in 1928. NE1 Ltd was keen to mark the anniversary of the bridge’s construction and to create a lasting LEGO brick model celebration in homage to the original.

The real Tyne Bridge is 26 metres above the river and measures 389 metres in length, the LEGO brick version has been produced to scale and when constructed measures 105 cm long and 42 cm high.

Tyne Bridge Immortalised In Lego Bricks I Love Newcastle

The LEGO brick project has taken four months to design, commission and deliver, a fraction of the four year build time of the original and the NE1 team expects it to take a couple of days for enthusiasts to build the brick replica. Depending on the success of the LEGO brick Tyne Bridge set, NE1 hopes to release further batches of the bridge together with other city landmarks in LEGO bricks in the future.

Commenting on the new Tyne Bridge set, Sean Bullick, Chief Executive of NE1 Ltd said; “The Tyne Bridge is one of the city’s greatest and most iconic monuments, a symbol of Newcastle’s industrial innovation, heritage and engineering prowess. We wanted to create a version in LEGO bricks to celebrate the bridge and to commemorate the city’s engineering history. Depending on the success and interest in the Tyne Bridge, we may consider commissioning LEGO brick versions of other Newcastle city landmarks.”

The LEGO brick Tyne Bridge is available to buy exclusively from Upside Down Presents, a gift shop on Dean Street/The Side in Newcastle. A telephone ordering and pre-booking service is available immediately for £295 (with free postage and packing) by calling 075 1234 9988. The sets will also be available to buy online from The deadline order date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Monday 21st December at 3pm.

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